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Liberal Tolerance

Don’t you just love it when a “tolerant liberal” jumps up and makes your point for you? When I hear “tolerant liberal” I know that means tolerant to their own agenda, never to support the right or conservative women’s rights.

CASE IN POINT; one Mister “Joe Michael Villa” from Austin, TX who had a few things to say about my #IAmForGunRights tweets:

Never one to take a cheap shot from a liberal wiener, hilarity ensues:

Well that was fun, wasn’t it?! A veteran who also owns guns is intolerant to our support of Americans exercising their Second Amendment rights and choosing to conceal carry their weapons… or is intolerant of our intolerance of companies telling us we can’t exercise our rights in their establishments. Either way, I rest my case.


Paid Gun Control Shill, Shannon Watts, Targets Kroger To Ban Guns In Stores

Left wing funded Moms Demand Action is putting pressure on Kroger to amend its firearms policy, which is respectful to the spirit of the Second Amendment.

It’s important to recognize who is the source of this and why.

Shannon Watts, founder of the group, has a history of hypocrisy. She wrongly accused Dana Loesch of the Blaze TV of being a paid mouthpiece for Magpul,a firearms accessory company which produces higher capacity magazines.

Watts is not some devoted mother on a sincere mission. She was previously a Democrat public relations executive. Her group is funded by Michael Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns. She is a paid spokesperson for a group that wants to revoke our Second Amendment Rights under the guise of “gun safety.” She earns her money by demonizing those who want to exercise their rights that are clearly spelled out in the Constitution.

Since she seems to think it is acceptable to wrongly accuse someone of speaking from the heart rather than being a paid mouthpiece, I think it’s correct to assume that Shannon’s genuineness is defined by her paycheck.

Watts showed up at this year’s NRA Convention, and in a visual display of her hypocrisy, she required armed guards as she demanded average citizens give up their rights to protect themselves.

Moms Demand Action has put pressure on other companies to get them to amend their policies to get them to do, what the government cannot: infringe upon Second Amendment rights.

Now, the grocery store chain, Kroger is on their radar. I wonder what Ms. Watts thinks about these Kroger employees who were beaten up by a mob of people in Memphis. What if they wanted to carry into the store for protection? Watts would rather they get beat up.


Essentially they are attempting to pit us against the Constitution. How beneficial are our rights if we are prevented from exercising them? Their goal is to limit where we can defend ourselves. Their goal is to establish more Unarmed Victim Zones. Just this week they accomplished this at Panera.

The group is using the hashtag #GroceriesNotGuns to lead it’s boycott of Kroger in an attempt to get the chain to change it’s policy of allowing Customers to exercise their Second Amendment rights. And yes, it is being actively used.

Those of us who support the Second Amendment need to support Kroger while Moms Demand Action attacks both the company and our rights. We need to go out of our way to shop at Kroger stores. We need to go to social media and alert people who don’t have this on our radar. We need to awaken those sleeping giants who don’t seem to notice the complete assault on our rights, rights that are clearly defined in the Constitution.

We can no longer be silent.

We need to speak with our mouths, fingers and wallets to support companies that support our rights. Silence equates consent in this circumstance. It’s time to shout back.

Emery Phipps is a Marine Veteran who takes his Second Amendment rights very seriously. He will not shop anywhere he is not allowed to carry his sidearm.

“Moms Demand Action is attacking gun owners, because they are an easy target for the fear they wish to perpetuate.  The fact of the matter is though that the people Moms Demand Action are characterizing are breaking no laws.  While they like to portray it as ‘they scare me while I’m shopping,’ the reality is when shopping at Kroger the last few days one man defended his life in Indiana with a firearm and three others were beaten unconscious in a parking lot in Memphis. My wife is a ‘Mom’ who demands nothing but that when she goes to Kroger she can carry her firearm and protect herself or our five children if need be.”

Shannon Watts lives in a world where she thinks the bad guys are people who want to defend themselves against those trying to physically inflict harm upon them. She’s delusional to blame the person who is a defender rather than an aggressor — especially since she has armed guards for security. She wants us to be targets while she is shielded.

But isn’t that to be expected from her type — the limousine liberal?

By her definition, she is a paid shill available for hire. And she is paid to turn us into unarmed victims.


Dogmatic Derps

If you’ve been on Twitter for more than 5 minutes, you know the people I’m talking about. The ignorant, stereotype-flinging, poor grammar using piles who will crazily attack you for… well, whatever they make up in their heads you need to be taken to task for.  My husband joined Twitter a few days ago and it took a staggering 12.5 minutes before someone came after him for… uh…. well, I’m pretty sure it was because he is my husband because I honestly have no idea what his glitch was. Anyone who follows me and saw my epic battle in the trailer park last night sure got a show, too. They’re everywhere. Think I’m wrong? Go follow Kurt Schlichter, you’ll see.

Why are people like this? Does it make them feel superior to hide behind their computer screens and angrily type SHOUTY CAPS and send pointed memes to complete strangers? Do they really think they’ll change my mind, what I believe and who I am in 140 characters? I mean, liberals come after me with insults because they have no argument so they try to ‘hurt my feelings’ by projecting their issues onto me.

PRO TIP: I’m not some whiney, bitchy, sensitive feminist who cries into her tea when someone calls me a name – I’m a strong, bitchy, fact-brandishing woman who drinks coffee and shoots shit for fun, you ain’t gonna hurt my feelings online.

The HILARITY of the “insults” they blast is honestly a source of comic relief! It’s the equivalent of an adult saying ‘I am rubber, you are glue’. I don’t know which is more pathetic; their insults or the fact that they actually believe them.
“Your Dad must be so ashamed of you!” Uh, no he talks about me all the time and I brag about him.
“Your husband should beat some sense into you!!” LMAO! My husband is such a sweet teddy bear, but say that to his face and he’ll wipe the floor with you.
“Get back in the kitchen woman” – Okay, that one is just funny because I totally love to cook but right now my husband is making me breakfast because I said I wanted bacon.
It’s the horrendously stereotypical assumption that a conservative woman with guns is uneducated, poor, beholden to a Neanderthal husband, has 12 kids, got knocked up in high school, parents are ashamed, a Bible beating subservient moron with no job or career. It’s honestly like being back in 3rd grade except I’m the only adult in the class and everyone else truly is a poopy head.

Now take those on the right who choose to attack within the party. What the hell is their problem?!? We’re all fighting for the same cause; a return to the Constitution, financial prosperity for the country, less government, more entrepreneurial opportunities, less regulation, etc. But some people feel the need to get caught up in one issue or another and take people down solely on that one disagreement. If we’re going to succeed and move forward as a party, we need to evolve and stop getting stuck in all the petty bullshit of it all.

I had one lady (who is VERY prominent on the right) attack me because I wouldn’t come out against homosexuality. Let me just say that my Bible says we should hate the sin but love the sinner and that I am not to judge, but her version clearly says the opposite. The name-calling, the insults and false accusations quickly followed and it all went downhill from there.

Now WHY, I ask myself, did this respectable, educated, Christian woman (who I had truly looked up to) feel she was entitled to attack me over one issue that we simply had different views on? How did she feel she had the right to verbally scold me as if she had it directly from God that I was wrong? Look, my feelings on homosexuality come from a real life situation. One of my best friends was married for 15 years, a veteran, mother and a stellar human being. She finally had a “come to Jesus” moment with herself and admitted she is gay. She and her husband separated; he met and married a great woman, she met and is with a great woman- they’re all good people, terrific parents, stewards in their congregations and communities so who am I to judge? I love her, she’s one of my dearest friends and I’m proud of her. You’re not going to change my mind about her by sending me a meme and 8 tweets saying “you’re just wrong“.

Look, I’m not saying we need to all agree 110% on every issue, but at the CORE of our right wing nut jobby hearts and souls, we are ALL trying to turn this country back around and the majority of this doesn’t happen online. Post your articles, write your blogs, work together to shut down the dogmatic derps spouting nonsense and spewing hate on Twitter but then BLOCK THEM and get off your ass and DO SOMETHING. That’s one thing Obama did right, he put his ground game into motion early and follows the Rules for Radicals to the letter. So let’s take what worked for him and turn it around for our side!

Plug in to a grassroots community near you and get involved! Work for a candidate in your area. Volunteer as a poll watcher, drive seniors to the polls, make phone calls, educate and debate smart –  do whatever you can do to actively get our party back on track and into office so we can really shut them down! After all, if we stay behind our computer screens, we’re no better than the derps.

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Barack’s Political Theater Act

This morning on Meet the Press, President Obama noted that his activities outside the Oval Office can lead to “the possibility of a jarring contrast, given the world’s news [because] there’s always going to be some tough news somewhere,” whining that he also wouldn’t mind a ‘vacation from the press as a whole’.

“I should have anticipated the optics,” President Obama muses regarding his decision to go golfing mere minutes after his televised remarks on the beheading of American journalist James Foley.

In any case, the role of Commander in Chief puts him squarely in the spotlight and in spite of his obvious admiration of center stage in the political theater, he claims “It’s not something that comes naturally to me, but it matters, and I’m mindful of that.”

I’m sorry, but did Barack Obama just claim (with a straight face) that he is mindful that his actions matter and that he’s mindful of how they may be perceived? Is he seriously claiming that he struggles at political theater?

There’s a hashtag somewhere there, I can just feel it…

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No Tyranny in Home Cooked Meals

Tyranny:     tyr·an·ny   ˈtirənē/noun

noun: tyranny; plural noun: tyrannies

- a nation under cruel and oppressive government.
- cruel, unreasonable, or arbitrary use of power or control.
“she resented his rages and his tyranny”
(especially in ancient Greece) rule by one who has absolute power without legal right.


Can I just say that I am sick and tired of people misusing the word tyranny? Amanda Marcotte wrote a piece for Slate titled “The Tyranny of the Home Cooked Meal” and, as if that statement wasn’t ridiculous enough, she went on to piss and moan about the stigma that falls on women to provide meals for her significant other or family.


I’m a wife and a mother. There have been plenty of times I’ve said to the hubbalicious, “Honey, I don’t feel like cooking.” and at NO point in time has he ever pulled out any official or pen scribbled document to reference and shout, “TYRANNY!! You shall provide food, now git in that kitchen, woman!!” He would, more than likely, pick up the phone to order food or find something in the fridge or pantry with a more appropriate response like, “What would you like, dear?”

You see, NOT cooking a meal for breakfast, lunch or dinner, is any and every woman’s prerogative. I actually enjoy cooking for my family and my children, son and daughters alike (plus the hubbalicious), love cooking with me so most times, it’s FUN! In fact, the girls and I put monkey bread in the oven 28 minutes ago and I’m using that time to write this blog. The scariest thing about making monkey bread is popping the biscuit tube, I mean seriously – get real. If I didn’t feel like cooking this morning, I would have popped French Toast bites into the microwave or bagels in the toaster for breakfast… oh, the struggle!

Home cooked meals are healthier, more cost effective and an opportunity for couples and families to sit down and connect for a brief moment within everyone’s crazy schedules. Obviously, this doesn’t always happen, but hey – as a wife and mom, why WOULDN’T we want to provide some tasty, tempting dish to try to bring everyone together?

(After all, it’s how we caught our husbands!)

Speaking of crazy schedules, Miss Marcotte sites “time pressures” as one of the issues facing us women and the struggle of making home cooked meals. Uh, has she heard of Pinterest? I’m on there and I’m pretty sure if you give me 25 min I can throw together a casserole and make a pallet chair for seating, it’s not that difficult.

How about a crockpot? I own (pause to count in the pantry) FIVE crockpots!! Really, five? Yes, well I’m in Wisconsin so Packers and Badgers parties usually require lots of food and fun, so five it is. Now IN my five crockpots, I can cook anything – relatively inexpensive and fast meals that fill the house with delicious and tempting smells all day long. I even have a recipe book with 900+ crockpot recipes, honestly the possibilities are endless!
With all these facts and after debunking the whole “tyranny” of the situation, this leaves me with three notions on anyone who believes there is an oppressive expectation on women to make a home cooked meal; they are A) horrible cooks, B) single women who are jealous of all us women who have someone to cook for, or C) crazy feminists.

In any case, cooking or not cooking is your CHOICE, not some oppressive rule from the government or other dictating body of people forced upon us as women. With that, the timer for my monkey bread has gone off so I shall grab a K-cup and join my family at the table…. BY CHOICE.


I Was Afraid Of Guns: At 39, I Grew Up

Guns are an important part of our nation’s history and culture.

We owe our freedom in large part to an armed citizenry. I have always recognized and respected this fact.

I do have a confession regarding this topic: I was once terrified of guns.

Convinced that I would accidentally shoot myself, I never touched a gun until I was 39 years old. (I feel like I just stepped out of the closet by admitting that publicly!)

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When You Pay For Privacy On iCloud, You Deserve It. As Do Celebrities.

Privacy. Even in today’s modern age, we have a right to still expect a bit of it, particularly when we are paying for it.

The NSA is scanning our texts and emails. Social media causes information to spread before its truthfulness can be verified. This can permanently damage reputations, as it’s harder to clean up a stain than it is to create one.

I am old enough to remember when personal information being leaked was pretty much confined to the contents of note that was being passed around in class. These days it’s much more than that as phones and the internet constantly connect us to each other. It is very easy to forward something along or share what we are doing at that exact second.

But, there are things that we intentionally don’t share, things that are too personal to blast out to the world. These things might be innocuous, like an innocent picture with an old boyfriend, a picture of your child using the potty for the first time or maybe a bad picture of yourself to use as motivation to get to the gym.

It doesn’t matter what ones reasons are for wanting to keep pictures private. It is their property and their decision what to do with them. If they’re stolen, it is theft and it can feel like a serious violation.

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Conservative Camaraderie

So as a relatively new blogger, I have to say that I was quite intimidated at the prospect of putting my thoughts to paper (or blog, as it were) and having the world judge what goes on in my in my head.

These crazy rants from a hunting business woman, wife and mother, daughter friend fashion challenged ADD wino involved in politics and in love with guns can be a little… well, out there.

Back in January, my friend offered me a scholarship with the Franklin Center in D.C. This was my first time attending any bloggers event in any official political capacity and to say I was nervous was a gross understatement. I had the pleasure of sitting with the likes of Bob Weeks, Ben Howe, Ann Kane, Jazz Shaw, Wayne Dupree, Tabitha Hale, Caleb Howe and Rob Eno –

writers I go to on a daily basis for my dose of conservative viewpoints and narrative to not only keep myself literate on the state of the union, but also to know that I am not alone in my conservative insurgency. (insert shameless Kurt Schlichter book plug)

The most surprising, and honestly refreshing thing I found, is that everyone genuinely wants each other to not only survive in this field, but to thrive. Almost everyone tweets and retweets each other’s articles. There is no shortage of cheerleaders in the conservative movement. I am honored to be in the company of such amazing people, who will happily assist me on anything I am working on. They give me honest, helpful feedback on my work and even share my blogs to their websites and fan pages.

Take this weekend, for example. This past weekend was AFP’s Defending the American Dream Summit in Dallas, TX. and I was blessed enough to attend, but even more blessed to have a seat in the Blogger’s Lounge. To sit and work with such talent as Ed Morrissey, Duane Lester, Jon Fleischman and Jon Gabriel not only made me feel honored, but pushes me to do better.

We were also thrilled to get a few minutes with Dana Loesch, who needs no introduction, but told me that she misses the trenches of the Blogger’s Lounge – that camaraderie and kinship you can’t really find anywhere else in this business.

I was surrounded by so many friends helping to push my new blog and genuinely excited for me, even approaching me to congratulate me on my first piece. I had several people offer to push the new blog both on radio and on their sites, ask what I’m working on next and even requesting I send them my next piece so they could push it out as well.

It is an amazing group of outstanding people who work just as hard to lift their peers as they do themselves.

This conservative camaraderie, a modern day truth posse if you will, sticks together through thick and thin while we all work toward the same goal with grit and tenacity… and a lot of friendship. I can’t think of another group of people who I would rather call my friends and colleagues.

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Does Size Matter?

Ew, no not THAT size, get your head out of the gutter, GROSS!! I’m talking about women’s sizes. Every glorious one; for some women it’s their BMI, others it’s the one on their bathroom scale and others it’s the size of their jeans but no matter which size you measure yourself up to, it’s time to stop.

I can pinpoint the exact moment it started for me. I was 10 and our family was making a time capsule. Everyone was writing something about themselves on a long sheet of white paper on my Grandmother’s kitchen table; what their favorite song was, what their football position was, who their teacher was, their status at work, etc. and I, of course, had NO idea what to write.

My stepmother suggested I just start with my name: “My name is Jennifer Leigh DeJardin.” and soon decided my age was relevant “I am 10 years old” and then my grade “I am in the 4th grade” and my school “at St. Louis Catholic School” and then my favorite hobby “I love to read” and finally, since I had hit a long awaited growth spurt, my height “and I am 5’ tall”. I stood back and looked at the glorious hot pink color in which I had proudly etched my mark into our family history with and felt good. Hey, I was 10, what did you expect?

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Selective Feminism

There’s been an awful lot of talk lately about feminism. From the Today Show to the Slut Walk, Sandra Fluke to Beyoncé, everyone seems to be spinning feminism around in their wheelhouse.

What’s shocking to me is the selective feminism of the left and what this truly means for women’s rights.

You see, I look at feminism in two parts; the first part being that women are equal to men, but then the second part being that all women are also equal to each other. I don’t believe a female CEO is any better or worse than a stay at home Mom. Both women have admirable and dutiful positions and each should be treated with the same dignity and respect as any and every other woman we encounter.

I truly believe women should strive to lift each other up, not tear each other down with rude observations, backstabbing gossip, disrespectful comments or judgmental rhetoric.

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